Human Vampiric Virus

This Human Vampiric Virus was suposed by an Italian scientist called Ludovico Fatinelli in the year 1616. He wrote his thesis about Vampirism in a book called Treatise on Vampires, in which he speculated that vampirism was caused by a microscopic pathogen. His thesis  included the results of the work of countless dedicated men and women. Well… After that he was condemned for heresy and burned… But science never gave up ;D…. Though Fatinelli was gone, his research lived on. For years after his death, illicit copies of his banned treatise made their way through Europe’s scientific communities and helped pave the way for important work by scientists like the Englishman Edward Jenner, who created the first vaccine in 1795.


Ludovico Fatinelli

The Virus:

fleaThe virus was called Human Vampiric Virus and he speculated that this virus had a natural host, a flea commonly found on cave-dwelling bats, especially the vampire bat, this flea was called Xenopsylla cheopsis . Like Rabies, HVV belongs to the order Mononegavirales, viruses with a nonsegmented, negative-stranded RNA genome.

Commonly, a bat which has been bitten by the flea passes the virus on to livestock and humans through a bite.

While in theory HVV infection is possible through any exchange of bodily fluids, transmission occurs through the bite of an infected person in virtually every case.

Stages of the Disease:

1- Infection:

Within hours of being bitten, the victim develops a headache, fever, chills and other symptoms as the body tries to fight off the infection. These symptoms can be easily confused with more common viral infections, although the presence of bite marks on the body are usually enough to confirm the diagnosis. This stage generally lasts between six and twelve hours, during which the vaccine is 100 percent effective.

2 – Vampiric coma:

oldvampWithin 24 hours of being bitten, the victim will slip into a vampiric coma. During this phase, the pulse slows, breathing is shallow and the pupils are dilated. The large numbers of people mistakenly buried alive while in vampiric comas gave rise to the myth that vampires sleep in coffins. While it is commonly thought that anyone infected with HVV turns into a vampire, in fact only a small percentage of people survive vampiric comas. Generally, the young, the old and the feeble never come out of their vampiric comas and eventually die. The vast majority of people who survive vampiric comas are males between the ages of 18 to 35. Vampiric comas last about a day; the victim usually comes out of the coma the night after its onset. The vaccine is 50 percent effective when administered during this stage of the infection. The longer the victim has been in the coma, the less effective the vaccine.

3 – Transformation:

A bite victim who survives the coma will awaken fully transformed into a vampire. An acclimation period follows, characterized by confusion, despondency and paranoia. Most vampires begin to hunt within 24 hours of transformation. The vaccine is of no use at this point.

Mathematic Scepticism

Untill today some people still believe in the exsistence of the HVV. To destroy the mythological virus, the american magazine Skeptical Inquirer published a mathematic calculation to prove that there is no vampires living in earth.

This calculation is simple: each person that has been bitten by a vampire turns into a new vampire. In this way, the vampire population grows up in a geometric progression and the human population begins to disapear in the same way. If the first vampire came up in 1600 AD,  when the world had 563 million of people, and they really had fed themselves with human blood one time in a month, then just 30 months would be necessary untill the whole humanity turns into vampires.

I’ll keep believing that they’re here between us ;D……

25 Responses to “Human Vampiric Virus”

  1. Sorry for being Off-Topic but what WordPress template do you use? Looks stunning.

  2. Amanda Says:

    omg i think i believe what his website is saying omg

  3. Seleuf Says:

    That was a very interesting read. The existence of the virus is, however, highly unlikely.

    I believe in a more supernatural and undead vampire, where a person doesn’t get turned just because they were bitten. Like the maths says, such a scenario just wouldn’t work… unless, of course, you killed your victims to prevent them from turning.

    But still, to paraphrase A Vampire In Brooklin (because I can’t remember the exact wording for a proper quote)
    “Vampirism is an exclusive club. You don’t become a member simply because you were bitten.”

    Have a good one!

    • deathcoke Says:

      I guess i agree with you x)

    • John Smith Says:

      You have to have a genetic predisposition to the virus, and the virus is much like AIDS in that it has a years-long incubation period before the symptoms begin to present themselves. Not everyone bitten by an infected vampire-bat gets turned. Just those of us that got handed the short stick in genes.

  4. Hey, wonderful blog you got here! Keep up the excellent work!

  5. This information is from FVZA website,This information is easy to check,just go on place like new mexico to see FVZA museum or hugo pecos and many other files and names

  6. minshel Says:

    is fvza real?

  7. naseer Says:

    plzz send them if no some body vampire or bitten one,,,

  8. plzz send them if no some body vampire or bitten one,,, i leave in gulf u.a.e dubai

  9. plzz send them if no some body vampire or bitten one,,, i leave in gulf u.a.e dubai,,,,,,,..

  10. D Nightwalker Says:

    this is a hoax sorry people, ive been researching the character , never heard about him till recently and it seems to be a fraud
    D, ,

  11. Nightwalker you are man like 99% others who believe only what they see on TV,newspaper ,radio,school…. I am asking you and others have you ever seen ghosts ,saints,virgin mary ,man infected with plague or infected with rabbies… but most of them believes into this bacause the media propaganda say so.You are from amerika near hugo pecos ,new mexico so why dont you go direct there and see if exists he ,who paying him ,old archive newspapers,go and see if santa rose institut is in alburqurque or not names who are pecos are told about (they some are still alive)… if i from america or near these cityes i go check direct not from internet debate is it true or not or something like that.

  12. You are funny Nightwalker when you say never heard about him(hugo pecos).How can you heard about him if he and agency are undercover till 1975, if he never have website you dont heard anything.It is same as i say that i never heard for some secret agents of CIA or FBI ,but nothing strange about that thats way they called secret agents and their name are not on first pages of newspapers or TV ,internet ,radio… you talking funny things

  13. upgrade…

    […]Human Vampiric Virus « Behind The Dark Gift[…]…

  14. I think that people are generaly blind and stupid ,they believe what they see on TV or newspaper,historical books… but in reality 99% or more of them they will never seen that things in reality and these stories from books TV, newspaper … is like ” true”.,especialy history books and church stoories what is almost impossible to proved and without solid evidents.So its funny when you laughing FVZA website and hugo pecos and instantly believed everything what goverment,newspapers,TV, school,churches especialy , etc. talks they version of true.

  15. Sossee J Says:

    A question
    “If one day all the population died,and
    There were no humans
    Do vampires feed on another vampire’s blood or??”
    Thank you ,Sossee J

  16. John Doe Says:

    I am looking for another vampire.

  17. WingMaker6969 Says:

    Emil, please tell me you haven’t been bitten by the vampire virus and are still with us today. Your thoughts are truly insightful and I hope to one day meet you. Vampirical blessings to you oh holy one! PS: the newspapers, TV, school, and the Church especially have taught me everything I know.

  18. i don’t believe vempires exist

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  20. Ava Taylor Says:

    there has to be some reason why and how this topic ever came up. After all nothing is said or done without a specific reason right? not saying I believe in vampires but at the same times I am not saying I dont believe in them either…confusion got the best of me. But there could be a microscopic pathogen that might cause something as such?

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