The Blood Artists

CAUTION: this post may contain really nasty things that can shock you! DO NOT READ if you think you can shock yourself or feel offended with human blood images!

Hi there.

Today I’m going to talk about some freaky cool artists. They create art with Blood.

The first one is Marc Quinn (born 1964), a British artist, perhaps best known for Alison Lapper Pregnant. Statue of Alison Lapper, an artist who was born without arms. But our point by mentionating Quinn is his sculpture Self. It’s a sculpture of his head made with10 pints of his own frozen blood. The blood was taken from his body over a period of 5 months. This he did in his late 20s. In interview in 2000, reflecting on the iconic artwork, he remarked, “Well, I think it’s a great sculpture. I’m really happy with it. I think it is inevitable that you have one piece people focus in on. But that’s really good because it gets people into the work.”

Self, like many other pieces by the Young British Artists (YBAs), was bought by Charles Saatchi (in 1991 for a reputed £13,000). The press reported in 2002 that the sculpture had been destroyed by builders employed to expand the kitchen for Saatchi’s partner, the celebrity chef Nigella Lawson, when they unplugged the freezer in which it was being stored (it has to be kept at -12C/10F). This would seem to have been unfounded, however, as the piece was exhibited intact by Saatchi when he opened his new gallery in London in 2003. In April, 2005, Self was sold to a US collector for £1.5m.

Another freaky one is a guy (The Blood Artist) who sells on myspace, Zombie-Robot Cats and paintings made with blood. Here’s one of his words, that I particularly like:

Vlad III, the Impaler (OH MY….!)

And another one is the artist Pete Doherty, that using his own blood was able to exhibit his art at a London Gallery exhibit them at a London gallery, and charge about £1,000 each to sell them, the Evening Standard has learned.

Doherty was accused by the police. They claim he injected a female fan with heroin while she lay unconscious at his Hackney flat. Doherty was arrested on Saturday by police investigating a photo in The Sun, apparently showing him sticking a needle in the arm of Laura McEvoy, 21.

He faces a maximum 10-year jail sentence if prosecuted and found guilty under the Offences Against The Person Act. But Doherty, 27, claims he was actually drawing blood from Ms McEvoy to use in a painting.

The paintings shown here were completed over the past six months. They are being stored at the home of Paul Roundhill, 51, his self-styled literary agent, in Whitechapel.

Mr Roundhill said today: “I picked these pictures up at his flat in Hackney. Blood paintings are something he has done for a long time. I think they help explain the photograph of Laura. It shows he does do blood paintings.” He said convent-educated Ms McEvoy was not a “druggie” but a “nice girl”.

“I really don’t think Pete was injecting her,” he said. “It was just staged.”

The most recent blood painting was completed while Doherty was in Ireland. It shows his tour bus surrounded by fans. Another sketch shows Doherty smoking with a female companion. Friends said she is not supposed to be Kate Moss.

It is understood Doherty recently sold a conventional painting for more than £1,000. He is on two years’ probation for drugs possession. The Evening Standard understands he will undergo a second surgical implant next week in an attempt to combat heroin addiction.

And our last really FREAK blood artist is Tinet Elmgren, inspired on the Art of Menstruation at the Museum of Menstruation, or the Blood Art community at Livejournal, she does a lot of paintings when she’s on her period, which makes her a legitimate period painter. If you visit her site you’ll be treated to a pretty detailed and open discussion of what that entails. Here are some of the Q&A highlights.


This is London


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