Vampire Fangs


I’m going to show you now the many types of vampire fangs. Beggining with the classic or, the

“Dracula” Type:

This type is the most famous vampire fangs, is the first kind of teeth we think when we’re talking about vampires. This fangs were popularized in 1897, when Bram Stoker wrote his fantastic novel, featuring his primary antagonist the Vampire Count Dracula (OMG THIS IS AS GOOD AS Vlad III, The Impaler).

Now a days, we can find this kind of vampire fangs in 99% of the vampire histories, around the world. For some characters, this kind of fangs can also be retractile, showing up just when the vampire is ready to feed himself with some victims blood.

Vampire Lestat Type:

The Anne Rice’s vampire chronicles, were created in the movie with another kind of fangs, where the lateral incisor and the canines are both sharp.

This kind of teeth are not retractable and no matter what you do, you will see them if the vampire talks or smile. Those are not good for the vampire who want to live in the human civilization (nevertheless, the Anne Rice’s vampires can do that very well).

All sharp type:

This kind of type is not that common between the vampire legends around the world, but can be found in some of them. For exemple in a comic book called “Pinochio: The Vampire Slayer” where the vampires have all the teeth sharp. In the World of Darkness adaptation for the vampire hunter, Blade, there are also a type of vampire with all teeth sharp, called the Upier vampire. This kind of teeth are also not retractable and can’t be hidden. In the ‘vampire genoma theory’ those teeth are the most common type when you find a real VampireVampire gen, in another words, the real 100% vampires should have this kind of teeth when the half vampire were just able to have the ‘Dracula’ Type.

Central Incisor (Nosferatu) Type:

This kind of teeth were created in the year of 1922, when the germans brought up the Expressionist movie “Nosferatu: Eine Symphonie Des Grauens” (translated “Nosferatu: A Symphony Of Horror”). Nosferatu is an unauthorized adaptation of Bram Stoker’s Dracula, and, because of the copyrights they were forced to change somethings. Count Dracula became “Count Orlok” and “vampire” became “Nosferatu”. Dracula was able to walk around in the day, Nosferatu wasn’t. Dracula had the canines sharp, Nosferatu had the central incisor. Now a days, the WhiteWolf corp. with the World of Darkness, created the Nosferatu vampire clan to the RPG Vampire: the Masquerade, and they also have this kind of teeth.

No Fangs (Twilight) Type:

Despite the author never mentioned ‘fangs’, many Twilight fans talk about fangs in the Twilight series. However, they are also not there when you watch the movie. The ‘no fangs’ can be considerated a new type of vampire teeth. I just wanna know how to they feed themselves without the sharp teeth. It really hurts, maybe.

6 Responses to “Vampire Fangs”

  1. Alexander Penison Says:

    Well, not trying to bust the popular cultural bubble here but im fairly certain the last option is the most likely, unless the vampire in question edited their teeth for no apperent reason. I dont have to ‘hunt’ so its not like they would be very useful anyways. And before anyone asks, yes, im what you’d classify as a ‘Vampire’, i much rather prefer Sanguinarian. I’m not going into details but to be blunt, Vampires are HUMAN with a genetic disorder that requires them to have the hemoglobe from blood, infact, i give myself a hemogloben treatment every week, injections, not drinking blood. Its quite discusting…

    • deathcoke Says:

      It may be difficult for you to a kind of ‘vampire’. Would you mind answering me some questions about it and how does is fell? I would love to have some REAL material to publish here! :]

  2. Vampire Lover :) Says:


    • Deathcoke Says:

      I am sorry, if you like twilight, you’re not a true vampire lover 🙂

      • Vampire Lover :) Says:

        Well i love twilight and anne rice so if all of you people who dont like it then GET A LIFE!

  3. Deathcoke Says:

    This blog is about real vampires, not about fairies.

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