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Lestat Himself.

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Hey you all,

Today I’ll show you a bit about Vampire Lestat’s life. He’s the most beautifull and sexy vampire in the whole world… (And also my favourite one.)

If Anne Rice could read this, for God’s sake, YOU MADE AN AMAZING WORK!

Vell then… Let us begin… And don’t forget to click follow on you twitter! (@vampirewords)

According to Rice herself, the character of Lestat was largely inspired by her husband, the poet and artist Stan Rice (and I would love to know him, I also like his works.) and shared his blond hair and birth date of November 7. So, Lestat’s zodiac sign is Scorpio. Wondering that, I found in cafeastrology the explanation:

“Scorpios are known for their intensity. They are determined folk that absolutely throw themselves into whatever they do — but getting them to commit to something is rarely an easy task. In fact, it’s better not to even try to “get them” to do anything. Solar Scorpios absolutely have their own mind. And, their primary motivation is unlikely to be prestige, or even authority — it’s real power.


Scorpio isn’t afraid of getting their hands (their bodies, their minds) dirty. The darker side of life intrigues them, and they’re always ready to investigate.(…)

They simply never give up. They have tremendous staying power and are not in the slightest intimidated by anybody or anything. Confrontations are not a problem. In fact, talk to any Scorpio about their lives, and you’ll probably be in awe at all they’ve gone through. Trauma seems to follow them wherever they go.”

So what do you think? Oh yeah, characters can have real personalities too. In a 2003 interview, Rice noted that the character had also taken on some of her own attributes, stating “Stan was Lestat; he was the inspiration. Perhaps it is best to say Lestat was Stan and me. He was Stan and what Stan taught me. Lestat was inspired by Stan, and then I became Lestat.” The name ‘Lestat’ was a misspelling of “Lestan,” which Rice believed to be an old French name. According to the characters themselves, who discuss the issue in Blackwood Farm, Blood Canticle and Memnoch the Devil, the name is pronounced “les-dot” “with a rather French flair.”

Lestat describes himself as six feet tall. He has blond hair that is not quite shoulder length, and that is rather curly, which sometimes appears white under fluorescent lighting. His eyes are gray, but they absorb the colors of blue or violet easily from surfaces around them. He has a short narrow nose,and a mouth that is well shaped, but has always been slightly large for his face. His mouth can look very mean or extremely generous, but always sensual. He has a continuously animated face. Lestat’s fingernails look like they are made of glass. Because of his boldness, enthusiasm, and defiance, Lestat’s seniors refer to him affectionately as “the Brat Prince”, a title of which he is very fond. He is very vain and concerned with fashion, and will pause mid-narrative to remind the reader what he is wearing. And this can be really boring, believe me. You just try to read Memnoch the Devil… It begins JUST like that.

Lestat’s full name is Lestat de Lioncourt and speaks French but writes his novels in English… He has an amazing beautiful french accent, and I would marry anyone with this sweet accent. By the way, he shows himself as a bisexual, and has male and female lovers as both a vampire and a mortal. He is attracted to whoever most interests him at the time. Most of his early experiences are with male companions; he himself explains this by saying the women in previous centuries simply weren’t as interesting as men. Later in the series, Lestat offhandedly mentions that he is frightened of women and finds them extremely and egregiously distracting. I’m a girl, so, I would have double problems to attract him.

As a vampire, Lestat’s abilities include telepathy, superhuman strength, and resilience. After receiving blood from several ancient vampires, including Magnus, Marius de Romanus and Akasha, Lestat’s strength increases dramatically, and allows him to fly, perform feats of telekinesis and pyrokinesis, and survive exposure to the sun.

I’m not going to post his long story here, because of the spoilers, AND, because, if you’ve alreadry read hios books, you know all the story. Anyway he was born on November 7, 1760, as the seventh son of the marquis d’Auvergne in the Auvergne region of France. Prodded by Gabrielle (his mother), he eventually leaves Auvergne with friend and lover Nicolas and heads for Paris, intending to become an actor. During performances, he attracts the attention of an ancient vampire named Magnus (see? NOT Marius.) who later abducts him and transforms him into a vampire.

(Yeah, we’re all possessive too, Louis. Don’t worry, no one is going to steal him from you… Maybe… Ok, I would. – Click to enlarge.)

He’s always in love. With a lot of characters. Louis, Akasha, Marius, Nicholas, David and many many others. Lestat is the most amazing vampire in the world, so famous as the new born Edward Cullen, his books are also full of love and drama. Unlike Twilight series, Vampire Lestat’s love is full of blood and some beautiful narratives of sex.

His books are almost so famous as the Count Dracula’s (by Bram Storker) book. Lestat is the second most commercial vampire of the world. Anne Rice had suspended his books for a while, but now, they are back and with a new book cover.

Some bands had produced musics for Lestat’s band, at the Queen Of the Damned movie. My favourite is “Forsaken” made by the band “Disturbed”.

“You see I can not be forsaken.


Must we hide from everyone?

I’m over it

Why can’t we be together and erase it?

Sleeping so long, taking of the mask

At last, I see…”

I like the song. And it looks very “Lestat”. For the Marilyn Manson’s fans, check out the song “Redeemer” made by Manson himself. Well… I think that, if Lestat was really going to have a rock band, it would be HIM and he would look like Velle Valo with a blond hair… Eheheh 😀

There are a lot of people who believe that Marius was Lestat’s creator, and THIS IS WORNG. Read “Vampire Lestat” book, and you’ll find the truth. The name of his creator is Magnus, an ancient vampire. Magnus chooses Lestat and gives him no choice instead death or becoming a vampire. And he says it a lot on the “Interview of The Vampire” movie… “I’ll give you the choice I never had.”

Tom Cruise interprets Lestat de Lioncourt on the “Interview Of The Vampire” (1994). About eight years later Stuart Townsend brought the character back to life on the “Queen Of the Damned” movie, with his famous sentence to the ancient vampires “Come out, come out. Wherever you are.”

The Queen of the Damned movie brings up a wrong information about Lestat’s life. As I was saying before, this movie shows Marius as Lestat creator, and I say again that THIS IS WORNG!

Lestat de Lioncourt is now not only a famous vampire but a sexy symbol, and if he really existed, he would the lover of the whole world.

(made by: Eeba-ism)

You can find some fanarts here and here. Ans visit the Anne Rice post for more info.


Vampires Online and Bats

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Hi bloodsuckers,

I’m here to say that the blog is having a very nice moment, with a lot of views in a day and a lot of visitors. I guess it’s moment to give you more information than I’m already doing. So I made a Twitter and there you can find more notices, quick infos and fun, direct from the deepest abyss.

So follow Vampire Legends on Twitter @vampirewords and keep visiting the blog for great and big reports about the real true vampires.

Thank you!

Now a quick post about the vampire bats.

Vampire bats are bats whose food source is blood, a dietary trait called hematophagy. There are three bat species that feed solely on blood: the Common Vampire Bat (Desmodus rotundus), the Hairy-legged Vampire Bat (Diphylla ecaudata), and the White-winged Vampire Bat (Diaemus youngi). All three species are native to the Americas, ranging from Mexico to Brazil, Chile, and Argentina. They  generally have small ears and a short tail membrane. Their front teeth are specialized for cutting and their back teeth are much smaller than in other bats. Their digestive system is adapted to their liquid diet, and their saliva contains a substance, draculin, which prevents the prey’s blood from clotting. The vampire bats do not suck blood, but rather lap the blood at the site of the haemorrhage (where the prey is bleeding). The common vampire bat also has specialized thermoreceptors on its nose, which aids the animal in locating areas where the blood flows close to the skin of its prey.

Vampire bats hunt only when it is fully dark. Like fruit-eating bats, and unlike insectivorous and fish-eating bats, they emit only low-energy sound pulses. The common vampire bat feeds mostly on the blood of mammals (including humans), whereas both the hairy-legged vampire bat and white-winged vampire bat feed on the blood of birds. Once the common vampire bat locates a host, such as a sleeping mammal, it lands and approaches it on the ground.

Only 0.5% of bats carry rabies. However, of the few cases of rabies reported in the United States every year, most are caused by bat bites.

The Vampire bat is often used in horror movies about Vampires. Fictional vampires also consume blood, usually in order to survive. As influenced by the actual vampire bat the most common method is piercing a hole in the victim’s neck with sharp fangs and sucking blood from the pierced area. Fictional vampires are also commonly nocturnal, and rarely come out during the day, similar to vampire bats. Other attributes include, but are not restricted to, the ability to transform into a vampire bat and animal-like senses of sight and hearing.

Draculin is a very fun named substance. The name came, naturally from Count Dracula. It is a glycoprotein found in the saliva of vampire bats. It is composed of 411 amino acids. It functions as an anticoagulant, inhibiting coagulation factors, keeping the blood of the bitten victim from clotting while the bat is drinking. This anticoagulant is a hundred times stronger than any other known anticoagulant and is prescribed for heart attack and stroke patients.

More funny crap

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Hi Dracula kids,  I’ll give you more funny crap today. Prepare your soul for this.

“He’s a vampire!
“I object most stronkly. It iss such an easy assumption to believe that everyvun with an Uberwald accent is a vampire, is it not? There are many thousands of people from Uberwald who are not vampires!”
“All right, I’m sorry, but—”
“I am a vampire, as it happens. But if I had said ‘Hello my cheeky cock sparrow mate old boy by crikey,’ what vould you have said zen, eh?”
“We’d have been completely taken in.”

-Terry Pratchett, The Truth

As you can find on TV Tropes… Vhen the Classical Movie Vampire became such an iconic portrayal of vampires, the vay they spoke also became iconic. A large number of vampires in fiction have adopted the same affectations in their speech. As more modern portrayals have been introduced, this has become less common, but it is still frequently used in comedic portrayals. All of vhich is to say that there are an avful lot of vampires around who “vant to sahk yo blahd“.
Now see what is really strange… Thai vampires! Do they have any accent? Well I guess…. Yes.
Or maybe this accent is provocated because of those fake fangs… Omg they look really terrible… As in this one…
Those people tried SO HARD to be funny… SO HARD…..! I guess I’ll laugh just because they had work to produce this adversiment… Can you imagine? You have a product, and you want publicity. You pay lots of money to an agency… AND THEY DO THIS!….
Now… This is cool!
Yeah! Vampiahs vere people too! No moar descrimination. Just shut up and let them “sahk yo blahd“. If the humanity is going to vanish one day… It will be because of those jokes. Stupid humans…
Omg, bottled sun ray! This can be super effective, vampire hunters. Maybe if you drink a lot of those rays, you may kill a vampire with one burp.
Ok, THIS…. Is freaky… WTH? Drink Coke, vampires. You know? As they say “If wine is the blood of Jesus, Coke is the blood of Earth.” I would NEVER think that I could scape from a vampire using coca-cola. Meybe because it’s corrosive.
Ok, this last one is not REALLY about vampires… And more about goths… But I need to post!
Congrats to Heineken’s agency, they were funny.
I dedicate to this post, the sentence “Vampire: you are doing it wrong”.

Vampire, the Dark Humor

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Hi, your little bloodsucker-babies.

Today I bring you some fun… The text bellow it’s about Vampire: The Masquerade ((c) WhiteWolf) Role Play Game. The text does not belong to me! I just translated it and I don’t know who it! I found on Feirarpg’s forum!

SORRY FOR BAD TRANSLATION! I hope it’s not THAT bad… I also hope you enjoy it… AND LAUGH OUT LOUD, just like I did, bloody-fangs.

And once again the antediluvians are together in a dark room to look for answers and to explain their origin…

Venture: Ok guys, sit down please. I suppose you’re thinking about the reason you were called.

Toreador: Yes, I think so. I have a meeting in two hours. And I just CAN’T be late.

Ventrue: Right, right. Order! I don’t know about you, but my children are asking me… Er… Too much. Some kind of… Compelling… Questions…

Malkav: Oh well, just tell them that when daddy and mommy love each other…

Ventrue: Shut Up, Malkav!! Anyway… They wanna know from where they came… And how everything happened. I think it’s time to give them some answers.


Brujah: Why are you asking us this shit? We don’t know this damn things!


Brujah: Sorry.

Ventrue: And how about you, Absimilliard? You’re the guy who always knows everything…

Nosferatu: No, I…. I don’t want to be called “Absimilliard” again! Today is the day that I name myself “Nosferatu”.


Ravnos: I don’t know, man… Absimilliard just… Looks like your pretty face.

Nosferatu: NO! I refuse this name!!

Ventrue: Leave him alone, Ravnos.

Toreador: Talking about that…

Ventrue: What’s up now..?

Toreador: I choose the pseudonym “Toreador”.

[And more silence.]

Assamite: You NEVER saw a tour! You Never FOUGHT against one, Arikel!

Toreador: Leave me, Haqin.

Assamite: In this case, I choose the name of “Assamite”!

Ravnos: I was going to say “something full of..” Oh, forget it.

Ventrue: Can we keep talking about the answers?

Lasombra: I think “Nosferatu” is a good name, Absimilliard.

Nosferatu: Yeah, it’s easy to pronounce. We don’t need to retract your fangs.



Venture: Ok, any ideas?

Tzimisce: Hm….

Ventrue: Yes, Tzim?

Tzimisce: You don’t think this can be some kind of sickness, may be…?

Saulot: No…. It’s not.

Malkav: Yay! I have an idea!

Ventrue: And what is it…?

Malkav: yaaaaay! Yay! We… ALL… We are ALL… From the… PLANET YUGGOTH!

Brujah: Malkav?

Malkav: Yeah…?

Brujah: DIE!!!


Malkav: It’s not AMAZING…? You don’t have Dominate!

Brujah: True men don’t need that shit…

[Hits on the table.]

Malkav: Ohhh..!

Ravnos: Ok, I got it.

Ventrue: Yes…?

Ravnos: They are no real vampires. They just think they are.

Ventrue: Ok, then all of them will try to prove you’re wrong. And they will go to see the beautiful sunrise.

Lasombra: And…? Let them die! The idiots… Less problems to me, this noisy children… Asking this sick questions…

Toreador: Pervert.

Lasombra: Hm..? Am I not the guardian of your brothers?

Tzimisce: Yeah, this is trrrrrue, my frrrrriend.

Toreador: Sick.


Saulor: The guardian of the brothers… Wait! This made me remember something… You know this guys with funny towels in theyre heads.

Assamite: Be CAREFULL with that, the eyes.

Saulot: Sorry. Anyway, they have this old history about a man that killed his brother and was cursed, then…

Set: Cursssssssed? Hmmm… I liked it!

Nosferatu: Yes, but if YOU say that, no one will NEVER believe.

Tremere: I know. We did it with magic.


Brujah: WHO the hell are you…?

Tremere: Oh…! Tremere, the arrogant mage! At your service.

Saulot: Wait… You shouldn’t be here ’till 1314 b.C.

Tremere: And? I’m an Oraculum of Time. I can be wherever I want.

Ventrue: A mortal, hm? Hey, Tremere!

Ventrue: Yes…?

Ventrue: Get out.

Tremere: Hm..? Ah right… [grumblings] Damn… I need to learn how to do that.

Ventrue: Ok, now… We can be someone with this ‘curse’ or… Wait, gangrel you didn’t say anything… What you think?


Ventrue: Gangrel?

[More silence.]

Ventrue: Someone know where she is?

Ravnos: Ah… These days… We had a lot of disagreements.

Malkav: Ann… Mommy doesn’t want you anymore?

Ravnos: Go to hell!

Malkav: She do it in the doggy way?


Ravnos: Thank you, Brujah.

Brujah: No problem.

Ventrue: Ok, then… What should we do with this ‘curse’…?

Saulot: Well, they say that the two children of the firs man had to guve some offers to God. The first son gave Him plants and vegetables… The second gave Him animal blood.

All: Yeah! Looks cool! Nice!

Saulot: So… The oldest, Cain, I guess… Killed Abel, the youngest, and was cursed by God for the first murdering.

Assamite: Yeah, very creative, this Cain.

Set: SSSSSSSooooo… We dec(sssss)end from a pssssssycho greengrocer…? What’sssss the problem with dec(sssssss)ending from the murdered?? Ssssssso we would be the choosen onessssss… God choose ussss! The powersss from the DEVINE POWERSSSSSS….

Malkav: You have a complex of God, don’t you Set? Tell me about your mother… She locked you up in a wardrobe or…


Brujah: Last warning.

Ventrue: Set, please… Don’t sant up on your chair.

Tremere: i liked the “cursed by God” thing, really.

Ventrue: How did you get there?

Tremere: Mail. You don’t know everything. Hey Saulot!

Saulot: Yes?

Tremere: I was thinking… Haven’t we met before? Can we talk a second outside? Will not take your time!

Saulor: Course. You look like a decent man.

[The door closes]

Lasombra: I’m thinking what he wants…

Toreador: I guess I prefer the oldest brother. He’s impressive! The figure that sacrifices himself to his Lord, and is consumed by the envy, in an act of despair he kills his own brother! And later he repents himself, TOO LATE to avoid the cruel judgment from a God who has NO MERCY and he is CONDEMNED to walk around through the Earth, away from his comrades and OH HORROR! HORROR! The HUMANITY! The ANGST!!!

Brujah: What’s “angst”?

Set: It’sssssss a kind of crossssssss, but with a c(ssss)ircle on the top. My people love thissss…

Brujah: Ah… [Pause.]… I don’t got it…

Toreador: FILISTEUS.


Tzimisce: What the hell was that?

Nosferatu: It’s Saulot’s voice. Hey Shut up outside!

[The door onpens]

Tremere: Oh… I am sorr… Ah… Saulot said that him… ah… He had to leave! Fast… Really fast… Like… Ahh… Well he waws very happy! And… Would be happier… if… If he could talk to you again… Later…

Nosferatu: It’s me or he looks pale…?

Ventrue: Who cares? Back to the curse….

Lasombra: Well, we are HIS children? If we are, how we couldn’t just don’t know where he is?

Malkav: Er… He made us… And ran away… Too fast.

Ravnos: No, no no….. He made some other guys… And THEY made us….

Toreador: And he, repentant of the horror he spread all over the earth, banned himself!

Malkav: And ran away REALLY fast!

Toreador: If you’re saying….

Ventrue: And why are we so different?

Toreador: The curse works in strange ways…

Nosferatu: Yes! I used to be the most beautiful man on earth….

Ravnos: Yes, of course.

Lasombra: And I had a reflex!

Brujah: Can I be a philosopher?

Ravnos: And Toreador used to have a good taste for good things.

Malkav: And I used to be insane!


Ventrue: I guess we could be… Ah… We are abusing the luck.

Set: Any better idea…?

Ventrue: No. Well… Let’s vote. Magic?

Tremere: Yes!

Ventrue: One.


Venture: Ok… Alliens from the Yuggoth planet?

Malkav: Twenty Three!

Ventrue: Your other personalities do not count, Malkav…

Malkav: Ahhhh….

Ventrue: The choosen by God… Set… Lasombra… Tzim… Anyone eles?

Assamite: Me!

Ventrue: Ok, four… Cursed children of a psycho greengrocer? Four… And me, five.


Lasombra: Influencing the vote! Bureaucrat!

Ventrue: If you don’t like, make your own group.

Lasombra: Yes, maybe I’ll do that.

Ventrue: Ok, so… You need to spread this information to your childrens… And I send you notes three times in a month till the begining of the next year. [murmurs] Ok, someone needs to drink?

Malkav: Tremere had already…


Tzimisce: Why you threw him through the window, Brujah?

Brujah: I don’t know, man.. It’s something I just needed to do… [Sigh.] You don’t understand me…

Assamite: [whispering] Hey, Tremere!

Tremere: What?

Assamite: Saulot… You did it, didn’t you? You drank his blood…

Tremere: Yes… Why…?


Assamite: How was it…?


  • Q: What does a baby bat say before going to bed?
    A: Turn on the dark. I’m afraid of the light!
  • Q: What is Transylvania?
    A: Dracula’s terror-tory
  • Q: What does Dracula say when introduced to someone?
    A: “Hello, pleased to eat you!”
  • Q: Which building does Dracula visit in New York?
    A: The Vampire State Building.


Today Vampires

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Hello, I’m going to do a short post about the real modern and ‘kinda-goth’ vampires. The theme becomes massive everytime we talk about it so I’m not going too deep on this theme.

Today vampires.

Yes, they do exist and they are outside, living their normal lifes like we do. The real modern vampires are normal people with a strange taste for human blood.

There are many of them around the world. They drink blood from victims that have conceded the act and they feed themselves from this blood. There are also vampires that feed themselves trough human energy.

The modern real vampires can be find on specific clubs. They normally dress as the ‘gothics’ or like middle-age people (from the german word ‘mittelalter’ sorry for the translation.) they have also artificial fangs and normaly they drain victims blood without really bitting them.

I’m not saying that it’s right or ‘usual’ to be like that or that you should do this. People who kill or haunt people, in Vampire Don’s words, should be locked up. So, be mature when you’re reading an article like this one.

There are a lot of videos and interviews with this modern vampires, and you can find them on youtube or all around the internet. I’ll show you just the best ones.

– She’s not a declared vampire, but she actualy drinks pigs blood and spits it on her public, I was there… hehehehe Yvonne Wilczynsk is just an amazing girl. (Onielar – Darkned Nocturn Slaughtercult)

Curiosities About Vampires

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A few curiosities about vampires (famous or not):

  • A persistent rumor asserts that Lon Chaney was Universal Movies’s first choice for the first Dracula Movie, and that Bela Lugosi was chosen only due to Chaney’s death shortly before production.
  • The Nosferatu movie is an adaptation from Bram Stoker’s Dracula, because the creators were not able to pay for copyrights.
  • Stakes on the heart can sometimes kill or just paralize. For some vampires they represent no risk so as the crucifixes and garlic.
  • In the RPG Vampire: The masquerade, you can turn animals into vampire animals.
  • In the movie Underworld they created a werewolf-vampire based on the Whitewolf creations.
  • Nosferatu, Der Vampyr is the 5th on the list of the best horror movies of the world.
  • Nosferatu is also the 4th on the lis of the most pathetic vampires of the world.
  • Edward Cullen is the first of that list.
  • Edward Cullen is the first man on the list of the most perfect lover for girls.
  • Mr. Vampire – Is a comedy-horror movie and it’s the 21th on the list of the best horror movies of the world.
  • Fright Night is the 12th on the list of the best horror movies of the world.
  • Salem’s Lot is the 8th.
  • The movie “Lost Boys” is the most remembered and considered as a classic vampire movie of the world.
  • Dracula is the second one.
  • The Twilight series are the most watched vampire movies of the world.
  • Interview with the vampire is the second one.
  • Prince Mamuwalde (Blacula) is the first black vampire on the cinema.
  • Vampire Hunter D is the 29th on the list of the most watched vampire movies of the world.
  • Dracula (1931) is the 3rd one.
  • Alucard (Hellsing) is the most famous vampire of the world for teenagers between 12 and 20 years.
  • Edward Cullen is the second one.
  • The vampire movies fill 60% of the lis of the best horror movies of the world.
  • Vampires are the most popular horror creatures of the world.
  • Zombies are the second one.
  • The band Bauhaus composed a song named “Bela Lugosi’s Dead”.
  • The most funny horror series is the Saturday Night Live – Goth Talk.
  • The movie “Lost Boys” had influenced a lot of murderes.
  • 2 of the top “10 Evil Serial Killers” recieve the name of “Vampire”.
  • 1 reviece the name of Vlad III, The Impaler (OH YEAH BABY!)
  • 1 recieve the name of Elizabeth Bathory.
  • The vampires compose 40% of the list.
  • 70% of the girls between 15 to 18 years old prefer vampires than princes.
  • Lestat the Lioncourt (Tom Cruise) is the most sexy vampire of the world.
  • Edward Cullen is the second one.
  • The History Chanel has a documentary about real vampires.
  • Vlad III, The Impaler (TWO TIMES OMG!) is considered the unique and genuine real vampire that ever existed. For some vampirologists.
  • There’s a Dracula institute on California.
  • On the University of Victoria and University of Toronto (both canadian) you can find the “Vampirology” course.
  • For the Whitewolf (C) Lilith was the first vampire that ever existed.


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