More funny crap

Hi Dracula kids,  I’ll give you more funny crap today. Prepare your soul for this.

“He’s a vampire!
“I object most stronkly. It iss such an easy assumption to believe that everyvun with an Uberwald accent is a vampire, is it not? There are many thousands of people from Uberwald who are not vampires!”
“All right, I’m sorry, but—”
“I am a vampire, as it happens. But if I had said ‘Hello my cheeky cock sparrow mate old boy by crikey,’ what vould you have said zen, eh?”
“We’d have been completely taken in.”

-Terry Pratchett, The Truth

As you can find on TV Tropes… Vhen the Classical Movie Vampire became such an iconic portrayal of vampires, the vay they spoke also became iconic. A large number of vampires in fiction have adopted the same affectations in their speech. As more modern portrayals have been introduced, this has become less common, but it is still frequently used in comedic portrayals. All of vhich is to say that there are an avful lot of vampires around who “vant to sahk yo blahd“.
Now see what is really strange… Thai vampires! Do they have any accent? Well I guess…. Yes.
Or maybe this accent is provocated because of those fake fangs… Omg they look really terrible… As in this one…
Those people tried SO HARD to be funny… SO HARD…..! I guess I’ll laugh just because they had work to produce this adversiment… Can you imagine? You have a product, and you want publicity. You pay lots of money to an agency… AND THEY DO THIS!….
Now… This is cool!
Yeah! Vampiahs vere people too! No moar descrimination. Just shut up and let them “sahk yo blahd“. If the humanity is going to vanish one day… It will be because of those jokes. Stupid humans…
Omg, bottled sun ray! This can be super effective, vampire hunters. Maybe if you drink a lot of those rays, you may kill a vampire with one burp.
Ok, THIS…. Is freaky… WTH? Drink Coke, vampires. You know? As they say “If wine is the blood of Jesus, Coke is the blood of Earth.” I would NEVER think that I could scape from a vampire using coca-cola. Meybe because it’s corrosive.
Ok, this last one is not REALLY about vampires… And more about goths… But I need to post!
Congrats to Heineken’s agency, they were funny.
I dedicate to this post, the sentence “Vampire: you are doing it wrong”.

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  1. hey whats your myspace page.

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