Vampires Online and Bats

Hi bloodsuckers,

I’m here to say that the blog is having a very nice moment, with a lot of views in a day and a lot of visitors. I guess it’s moment to give you more information than I’m already doing. So I made a Twitter and there you can find more notices, quick infos and fun, direct from the deepest abyss.

So follow Vampire Legends on Twitter @vampirewords and keep visiting the blog for great and big reports about the real true vampires.

Thank you!

Now a quick post about the vampire bats.

Vampire bats are bats whose food source is blood, a dietary trait called hematophagy. There are three bat species that feed solely on blood: the Common Vampire Bat (Desmodus rotundus), the Hairy-legged Vampire Bat (Diphylla ecaudata), and the White-winged Vampire Bat (Diaemus youngi). All three species are native to the Americas, ranging from Mexico to Brazil, Chile, and Argentina. They  generally have small ears and a short tail membrane. Their front teeth are specialized for cutting and their back teeth are much smaller than in other bats. Their digestive system is adapted to their liquid diet, and their saliva contains a substance, draculin, which prevents the prey’s blood from clotting. The vampire bats do not suck blood, but rather lap the blood at the site of the haemorrhage (where the prey is bleeding). The common vampire bat also has specialized thermoreceptors on its nose, which aids the animal in locating areas where the blood flows close to the skin of its prey.

Vampire bats hunt only when it is fully dark. Like fruit-eating bats, and unlike insectivorous and fish-eating bats, they emit only low-energy sound pulses. The common vampire bat feeds mostly on the blood of mammals (including humans), whereas both the hairy-legged vampire bat and white-winged vampire bat feed on the blood of birds. Once the common vampire bat locates a host, such as a sleeping mammal, it lands and approaches it on the ground.

Only 0.5% of bats carry rabies. However, of the few cases of rabies reported in the United States every year, most are caused by bat bites.

The Vampire bat is often used in horror movies about Vampires. Fictional vampires also consume blood, usually in order to survive. As influenced by the actual vampire bat the most common method is piercing a hole in the victim’s neck with sharp fangs and sucking blood from the pierced area. Fictional vampires are also commonly nocturnal, and rarely come out during the day, similar to vampire bats. Other attributes include, but are not restricted to, the ability to transform into a vampire bat and animal-like senses of sight and hearing.

Draculin is a very fun named substance. The name came, naturally from Count Dracula. It is a glycoprotein found in the saliva of vampire bats. It is composed of 411 amino acids. It functions as an anticoagulant, inhibiting coagulation factors, keeping the blood of the bitten victim from clotting while the bat is drinking. This anticoagulant is a hundred times stronger than any other known anticoagulant and is prescribed for heart attack and stroke patients.

12 Responses to “Vampires Online and Bats”

  1. hey mom guess what you’re weird and obsessed with vampires don’t you know that vampires ain’t real and that no one believes in them

  2. nobody Says:

    I believe even if u do not believe Bob. 😦

  3. i do beleve in vampires but why they dont apper

  4. i luv vampire bats there my favorite bats

  5. This whole thing is very interesting I would like more info on this subject am glad my son talked me into finding out more info for his report so if anybody has any info that could be use full feel free to email me thanks

  6. Uni student Says:

    Personally I like vampires and I love bats. The stories can cause the imagination of one to become crazed with excitement.

    However one of the more likely theories of the origin of vampires is in fact rabies, as rabies causes an increase in sensitivity, explaining garlic, sunlight, and mirrors; lack of iron in the blood, pail skin and consumption bloody meats; those infected with rabies had a tendency to bite; increased sex drive and loss of sleep controlling functions in the brain, the explanation why most have a young attractive girl in the story; and often as the people that hang out with bats and wolves are more likely to catch rabies ‘vampires’ are portrayed as people that hang (no pun intended) out with bats.
    Some suggested that the coffin part was to do with the premature burial of rabies patients.
    The bite of a ‘vampire’ would most likely be a ‘kiss of death’ as it transmits the deadly virus.

    As for vampire bats, awesome 🙂

  7. vampires are real……my aunt is a vampire….and i luv vampire bats, and also my aunt don’t drink human blood…she drinks animal blood..and it’s true that they exist

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