Lestat Himself.

Hey you all,

Today I’ll show you a bit about Vampire Lestat’s life. He’s the most beautifull and sexy vampire in the whole world… (And also my favourite one.)

If Anne Rice could read this, for God’s sake, YOU MADE AN AMAZING WORK!

Vell then… Let us begin… And don’t forget to click follow on you twitter! (@vampirewords)

According to Rice herself, the character of Lestat was largely inspired by her husband, the poet and artist Stan Rice (and I would love to know him, I also like his works.) and shared his blond hair and birth date of November 7. So, Lestat’s zodiac sign is Scorpio. Wondering that, I found in cafeastrology the explanation:

“Scorpios are known for their intensity. They are determined folk that absolutely throw themselves into whatever they do — but getting them to commit to something is rarely an easy task. In fact, it’s better not to even try to “get them” to do anything. Solar Scorpios absolutely have their own mind. And, their primary motivation is unlikely to be prestige, or even authority — it’s real power.


Scorpio isn’t afraid of getting their hands (their bodies, their minds) dirty. The darker side of life intrigues them, and they’re always ready to investigate.(…)

They simply never give up. They have tremendous staying power and are not in the slightest intimidated by anybody or anything. Confrontations are not a problem. In fact, talk to any Scorpio about their lives, and you’ll probably be in awe at all they’ve gone through. Trauma seems to follow them wherever they go.”

So what do you think? Oh yeah, characters can have real personalities too. In a 2003 interview, Rice noted that the character had also taken on some of her own attributes, stating “Stan was Lestat; he was the inspiration. Perhaps it is best to say Lestat was Stan and me. He was Stan and what Stan taught me. Lestat was inspired by Stan, and then I became Lestat.” The name ‘Lestat’ was a misspelling of “Lestan,” which Rice believed to be an old French name. According to the characters themselves, who discuss the issue in Blackwood Farm, Blood Canticle and Memnoch the Devil, the name is pronounced “les-dot” “with a rather French flair.”

Lestat describes himself as six feet tall. He has blond hair that is not quite shoulder length, and that is rather curly, which sometimes appears white under fluorescent lighting. His eyes are gray, but they absorb the colors of blue or violet easily from surfaces around them. He has a short narrow nose,and a mouth that is well shaped, but has always been slightly large for his face. His mouth can look very mean or extremely generous, but always sensual. He has a continuously animated face. Lestat’s fingernails look like they are made of glass. Because of his boldness, enthusiasm, and defiance, Lestat’s seniors refer to him affectionately as “the Brat Prince”, a title of which he is very fond. He is very vain and concerned with fashion, and will pause mid-narrative to remind the reader what he is wearing. And this can be really boring, believe me. You just try to read Memnoch the Devil… It begins JUST like that.

Lestat’s full name is Lestat de Lioncourt and speaks French but writes his novels in English… He has an amazing beautiful french accent, and I would marry anyone with this sweet accent. By the way, he shows himself as a bisexual, and has male and female lovers as both a vampire and a mortal. He is attracted to whoever most interests him at the time. Most of his early experiences are with male companions; he himself explains this by saying the women in previous centuries simply weren’t as interesting as men. Later in the series, Lestat offhandedly mentions that he is frightened of women and finds them extremely and egregiously distracting. I’m a girl, so, I would have double problems to attract him.

As a vampire, Lestat’s abilities include telepathy, superhuman strength, and resilience. After receiving blood from several ancient vampires, including Magnus, Marius de Romanus and Akasha, Lestat’s strength increases dramatically, and allows him to fly, perform feats of telekinesis and pyrokinesis, and survive exposure to the sun.

I’m not going to post his long story here, because of the spoilers, AND, because, if you’ve alreadry read hios books, you know all the story. Anyway he was born on November 7, 1760, as the seventh son of the marquis d’Auvergne in the Auvergne region of France. Prodded by Gabrielle (his mother), he eventually leaves Auvergne with friend and lover Nicolas and heads for Paris, intending to become an actor. During performances, he attracts the attention of an ancient vampire named Magnus (see? NOT Marius.) who later abducts him and transforms him into a vampire.

(Yeah, we’re all possessive too, Louis. Don’t worry, no one is going to steal him from you… Maybe… Ok, I would. – Click to enlarge.)

He’s always in love. With a lot of characters. Louis, Akasha, Marius, Nicholas, David and many many others. Lestat is the most amazing vampire in the world, so famous as the new born Edward Cullen, his books are also full of love and drama. Unlike Twilight series, Vampire Lestat’s love is full of blood and some beautiful narratives of sex.

His books are almost so famous as the Count Dracula’s (by Bram Storker) book. Lestat is the second most commercial vampire of the world. Anne Rice had suspended his books for a while, but now, they are back and with a new book cover.

Some bands had produced musics for Lestat’s band, at the Queen Of the Damned movie. My favourite is “Forsaken” made by the band “Disturbed”.

“You see I can not be forsaken.


Must we hide from everyone?

I’m over it

Why can’t we be together and erase it?

Sleeping so long, taking of the mask

At last, I see…”

I like the song. And it looks very “Lestat”. For the Marilyn Manson’s fans, check out the song “Redeemer” made by Manson himself. Well… I think that, if Lestat was really going to have a rock band, it would be HIM and he would look like Velle Valo with a blond hair… Eheheh 😀

There are a lot of people who believe that Marius was Lestat’s creator, and THIS IS WORNG. Read “Vampire Lestat” book, and you’ll find the truth. The name of his creator is Magnus, an ancient vampire. Magnus chooses Lestat and gives him no choice instead death or becoming a vampire. And he says it a lot on the “Interview of The Vampire” movie… “I’ll give you the choice I never had.”

Tom Cruise interprets Lestat de Lioncourt on the “Interview Of The Vampire” (1994). About eight years later Stuart Townsend brought the character back to life on the “Queen Of the Damned” movie, with his famous sentence to the ancient vampires “Come out, come out. Wherever you are.”

The Queen of the Damned movie brings up a wrong information about Lestat’s life. As I was saying before, this movie shows Marius as Lestat creator, and I say again that THIS IS WORNG!

Lestat de Lioncourt is now not only a famous vampire but a sexy symbol, and if he really existed, he would the lover of the whole world.

(made by: Eeba-ism)

You can find some fanarts here and here. Ans visit the Anne Rice post for more info.


5 Responses to “Lestat Himself.”

  1. Jezzy Says:

    It´s a very good article.I´m German, so I didn´t understand all of it, but the most I understood.
    I´m sharing your opinion that he´s the most sexiest vampie in the world, I´m LOVIN him(the blond one who was played by Tom Cruise).
    And I love HIM.And Ville Valo.It´s one of my favourite bands.
    Where did you find the picture of Lestat?( the dark one whick he drawed by himself)

    • deathcoke Says:

      Hallo ^^ Gut dass du deutsche bist! Dann kann ich meinen deutsch ein bisschen treinieren… Es ist noch nicht so gut, weil ich so lange nicht mehr da bin… Aber ich versuche es noch. =)
      Ich mag HIM auch, Ville Valo hat so eine schöne stimme! Und ja, Lestat ist auch so geil x)… Was hast du nicht sehr gut verstanden? Vielleicht kann ich mal was erklären… Ich bin Brasilianerin, und meinen Englisch ist auch nicht so gut wie ich wollte das zu sein… Aber, ich versuche das auch noch =)
      Das bild habe ich beim google gefunden… Als ich “Lestat” darauf geschrieben habe… Ich weiss nicht mehr von welche site habe ich den gefunden… Schade -.-

  2. Jauquiene Says:

    I see now I’m not the only one picking up the parallels of Ville making a perfect Lestat. I too am a big fan of Anne Rices’ vision of the vampire race. I to feel deeply disappointed at how some have gone to maim her great works. But between budget and reality there be a huge gulf. For my own amusement purposes I am now in the process of rewriting the story of Akasha played quite well by the late actress Aaliyah. Sadly this was to be her last completed piece of movie art. So what I’m working on is both a tribute to Aaliyah as well as Anne Rices’ work. In my version I’m trying to maintain as much as possible to historical accuracy To this most ancient Egyptian vampire queen. Like the merging of the Entity Amel to human flesh I’m wishing it to be a tribute and a homage to both. Would love to share more with you on this . Can you write me back?

    • deathcoke Says:

      Waw, your writing project may be amazing, I’m really interessed in reading it, specially because of the historical references you mentioned. So Aliyah played Akasha very well I have nothing bad to say about her, I think she was an amazing actress. Do you have anything ready to show me? congratulations for your iniciative 🙂

  3. logan dibble Says:

    im actually considering naming my future sons lestat i fucking love this damn vampire!!!!!!!!

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