The First Ones

All vampire tales have their own legends. All the worlds have their own creators.

Long time no see, bloodsuckers… And I’m back from Disneyland to tell you a bit more about The Legend Of The First Ones. Or the Ones with no creator.


Anne Rice’s Akasha and Enkil

Akasha (or AkashAakaasháĀkāśa, आकाश) is the Sanskrit word meaning “aether” in both its elemental and metaphysical senses. The name may represent the basis and essence of all things in the material world, the smallest material element created from the astral world, the conception of the cosmos or the Fifth Element. A good name for the first vampire-devil on Anne Rice’s Vampire Chronicles.

As known as Those Who Must Be Kept, Akasha and Enkil are the progenitors of all vampires who are also regarded as the King and Queen of the Vampires. Originally King Enkil and Queen Akasha of Kemet (now Egypt circa 5,000 BC), became the first vampires when an evil spirit named Amel was able to enter the body of Akasha through a wound and fuse with her flesh. Akasha then turned Enkil into a vampire by drawing out nearly all of his blood and then allowing him to drink nearly all of hers. The term “Those Who Must Be Kept” was coined by the vampire Marius referring to the fact that what befalls Akasha and Enkil also befalls all vampires, if they are injured, so are their children, if they die, so do all vampires.

Actually their blood contains the real “thing”that must be kept, so the power of the first can be passed to others. They are so old that they remain seat and looking like real statues.

In the book The Vampire Lestat it is specifically spelled out that Enkil and Akasha were made into vampires at the same time by a demonic infusion but it is later explained in Queen of the Damned that Akasha made Enkil into a vampire, after she was first made by demonic infusion, in order to save him from the wounds inflicted upon him by citizens of Kemet. At numerous points in the canonical history of Rice’s books, Enkil rises from his throne to defend Akasha from being drained of her powerful blood. Marius rescues Lestat from being destroyed by Enkil after he rises and hits him away while he is drinking from Akasha, despite (or possibly because of) the fact that Akasha appears to have summoned Lestat to her. We see, then, that Enkil is not merely Akasha’s guardian and consort, but that he maintains his own will and emotions, including jealousy….

Akasha was pretty good played by Aaliyah, in the movie The Queen Of The Damned. The movie was sadly Aaliyah’s last big work, after that, she died in an airplane accident.

Vampire: The Masquerade’s Cain and Lilith

In the Hebrew Bible and in the game, Cain and Abel (Hebrew: קין ,הבל, HevelQayin) are two sons of Adam and Eve.

In the Greek New Testament, Cain is referred at least in one translation as “from the evil one”, while others have “of the evil one.” Some interpreters take this to mean that Cain was literally the son of the serpent in the Garden of Eden.  Cain is a crop farmer and his younger brother Abel is a shepherd. Cain is portrayed as sinful, committing the first murder by killing his brother, after God has rejected his offerings of produce but accepted the animal sacrifices brought by Abel. God declares that Cain must sacrifice his most beloved thing, that are not the plantations he has. Facing this declaration, Cain assassinates his own brother, that was supposed to be his most beloved thing. God judges this act as envy and condemns Cain into the eternal darkness with no pleasures and just pain.

Cain starts his journey through the dark world, unable to see the sun, to eat food and to touch the fire. He meets Lilith that is the first wife of Adam and mother of all demons .While in the Land of Nod she encounters another exile, Cain and offers him shelter. She awakens the power in him and is betrayed by Cain for her efforts, who, after leaving her, returns with his descendants to destroy her garden and slaughter her children.

The so-called Dark Mother was exiled from Eden before the creation of Eve, she was the first to taste the fruits of the tree of knowledge. Using her knowledge she created her own gardens, hoping to imitate Eden, she failed in her imitations and still longed for the paradise from which she had been exiled.

Worshiped by the Bahari & Lilitu, Lilith is said to impart her secrets to those who imitate her, choosing to challenge the established order and explore the limits of their own sensations.

The original Book of Nod did not have Lillith cursed in this way, it was her murdering Adam’s wife and children that got her cast out of the light of Eden’s garden, in subsequent books things may have been retconned for game purposes but it was not the original story.

The bulk of Cain’s history is covered in the Book of Nod, theErciyes Fragments, the Lilithian, and the Luciferian. These books conflict on Cain’s motives, but all agree he killed his brotherAbel. Days of Fire describes how Caine gave himself a “gift,” and the gift was delusion. Using this gift, he thought he killed Abel in an act of love when it was really an act of hate. He used this gift to make pride out of shame, which resulted in being outcasted.

Hellsing’s Alucard

Volume 8 presents flashbacks of when he was human. Dracula starts his career by fighting the Ottomans, believing that God does not reward prayer, but instead wants mortals to show their faith visibly. However, when his army is defeated and he is about to be executed, Vlad gives up on God, thinking that God deserted him and so turns his back to God in turn. It is not explicitly shown or stated how he became a vampire, but in one scene he drinks blood from the floor in front of an executioner.

The series mentions the events of Bram Stoker’s Dracula, but deviates at the point of Dracula’s defeat. In Hellsing, he was staked in the heart but not destroyed. It is unknown if he was forced into servitude or was willing, but he became a servant of the Van Helsing family. He, along with a young Walter C. Dornez, were sent to Warsaw, Poland to stop Millennium’s vampire production program.

The Vampyre’s Lord Ruthven

Lord Ruthven appeared as the titular character in the 1819 short story The Vampyre. This had been written in 1816 by Dr. John William Polidori, another acquaintance of Byron’s. It was published in the April 1819 edition of The New Monthly Magazine. The publishers falsely attributed the authorship to Byron. Both Byron and Polidori disputed this attribution.

In the story, a young Englishman Aubrey meets Lord Ruthven, a man of mysterious origins who has entered London society. Aubrey accompanies Ruthven to Rome, but leaves him after Ruthven seduces the daughter of a mutual acquaintance. Aubrey travels to Greece where he becomes attracted to Ianthe, an innkeeper’s daughter. Ianthe tells Aubrey about the legends of the vampire. Ruthven arrives at the scene and shortly thereafter Ianthe is killed by a vampire. Aubrey does not connect Ruthven with the murder and rejoins him in his travels. The pair are attacked by bandits and Ruthven is mortally wounded. Before he dies, Ruthven makes Aubrey swear an oath that he will not mention his death or anything else he knows about Ruthven for a year and a day. Looking back, Aubrey realizes that everyone who Ruthven met ended up suffering.

Aubrey returns to London and is amazed when Ruthven appears shortly thereafter, once again alive. Ruthven reminds Aubrey of his oath to keep his death a secret. Ruthven then begins to seduce Aubrey’s sister while Aubrey, helpless to protect his sister, has a nervous breakdown. Ruthven and Aubrey’s sister are engaged to marry on the day the oath ends. Aubrey writes a letter to his sister revealing Ruthven’s history and dies. The letter does not arrive in time. Ruthven marries Aubrey’s sister, kills her on their wedding night, and escapes. His character is one typical vampire. His character is alluring and sexual, but is also linked with horror and supernatural terror.



Well little bats, thats all for today. Thank you for commenting and reading.


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